Repsol works to expand business and CSR in Sabah

Dateline 2017-09-09, NST:

Repsol Oil and Gas Malaysia will continue drilling potential wells in Block SB309 offshore Sabah in efforts to expand its business operations in the state.

Stakeholder relations manager Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Arshad said Repsol was focused in the upstream business, adding it currently operates the PM-3 Commercial Agreement Area project which straddles the Malaysia-Vietnam border.

Repsol also runs the PM-305 and PM-314 Blocks in the Peninsular Malaysia since 2002 and the Kinabalu Oil Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in Sabah since 2012.

Ahmad also said an increase its oil production to 18,000 barrels per day is also expected this year following the installation of a new production facility.

“This year represents a milestone year for our operations offshore Sabah when we installed a new production facility next to our current producing platform, Kinabalu.

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