The 3 Numbers That Oil MISC Berhad

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Dateline 2016-07-01, Motley Fool:

MISC Berhad (KLSE: 3816.KL), which is listed on Bursa Malaysia (Malaysia’s stock exchange), is currently one of the largest energy shipping companies in the world.

The company happens to be a listed subsidiary of PETRONAS, the national oil and gas conglomerate of Malaysia.

Here are three numbers you need to know about MISC.

Number 1: 33 billion

MISC has a market capitalization of RM33 billion (around S$11 billion) at the moment. That would make it over three times larger than Sembcorp Marine Ltd (SGX: S51), which is already one of the world’s largest oil rig builders.

MISC also generated revenue of RM10.9 billion (around S$3.7 billion) in 2015 and earned more than RM2.46 billion (S$0.82 billion) in profit. This equates to a net profit margin of 22.5% – not bad at all for a company that’s operating in a difficult environment of low oil prices.

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