Jeffrey: Borneo states may turn against Najib if ignored

And the shrinking income cake is asked to be recut:

Dateline 2015-12-29, FMT:

Briefly, Jeffrey wants Umno to halt its politics of race and religion fueling its divide-and-rule tactics to cover up the plundering of the economy, defer the GST or at least reduce it to 2 per cent from the current 6 per cent, and exempt Sabah and Sarawak from the consumption tax. “Sabah is also entitled to 40 per cent net revenue entitlement under the Federal Constitution and other financial rights like 10 per cent export duty and 10 per cent import and excise duty on petroleum products.”

“The measly 5 per cent oil royalty should also be reconsidered in the wake of the emergency laws being done away with and the Petroleum Development Act and the oil agreement being considered redundant as a result.”

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