A Random Thought – Disaster Recovery Effort

Caveat: this has no direct bearing on engineering, though you are welcome to give it an engineering slant. And I’ve posted this on The Facebook already.

In light of the recent flood situation and other disasters, may I suggest a way to help the affected areas post immediate relief efforts (keep supporting this, by all means)? If the infrastructure can support it, consider refec-tourism (my term, from refectio, to recover). Go plan your next holiday (and your company away day / management waste of… er strategic planning retreat) in the affected areas, and spend money on local trades, crafts and services. For example:

  1. Making holiday bookings via local, physical agents (Y’know, before Al Gore invented the Internets?)
  2. Eat at local stalls or establishments. You have your favourites
  3. Stay at places that are locally owned, and source local resources, example homestays.
  4. Rent local transport, to keep key arteries in and out open. Be a solution, not a pain the glutus maximus.
  5. Buy a bit more local products, handicrafts (airport?). Do your homework before you go.
  6. If you feel like it, bring along clothes, use them, get them laundered. and give them away when you leave.
  7. Donate a bit more while you are there.
  8. Tip generously and appropriately

I would suggest this is much more beneficial to your countryman then that overseas trip you planned in March. Take as many selfies as you wish.

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