Financial Times links Malaysia to sanctions-breaking sale of Iran oil

So, which of our oil terminals are involved?

Dateline 2014-06-06, Malay Mail Online:

Malaysia is among countries used to resell Iranian oil in the Middle Eastern nation’s scheme to circumvent trade sanctions starving it of basic goods, the Financial Times (FT) reported,

The secret scheme is part of the massive corruption that allegedly took place under former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in which the government gave oil allocations to accomplices at large discounts, according to the FT.

These accomplices enjoyed generous commissions as long as they were able to bring back basic commodities or cash into the Middle Eastern country.

As the recruits were unknown politicians or businessmen, they could get information from back channels to sell crude oil to previous importers of Iran’s oil, or new customers, by using new transport routes.

According to the FT, the crude could be sent to Asian countries like Malaysia first, where it would either be put in storage or reloaded onto other tankers before the sale, where it would be labelled as another country’s oil.

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