IChemE 5th Regional Process Safety Seminar

The  IChemE 5th Regional Process Safety Seminar was held in Miri Marriot Spa & Resort, Miri Sarawak, Malaysia on the 22nd April, 2014. I hope the attendees were entertained and energised by my 5 minute presentation.

The following are my quick notes of the Q&A session are as follows (all misunderstandings are mine):

Keynote address: Process Safety Matters – why chemical engineers must lead the way in getting the right safety priorities on the agenda.
Keynote speaker: Judith Hackitt CBE, Chair of HSE, Britain.

  • Leading indicators are important. For example, number of temporary measures to address process / hardware failures, amount of delayed maintenance.
  • Number of Loss of Containment (LOC) incidents is not an indicator of process safety.
  • Q: Transfer of UK HSE knowledge wholesale to Malaysia.
  • Q: What is the best model to achieve safe operations, is it voluntary and regulatory regulations, and where does the safety case fit in?
  • Q: How best to share safety information. Are legal/ commercial concerns stemming the flow of information?
  • Q: Options on building a reporting culture in Malaysia and Asia.

Paper 1: Process Safety Implementation – Challenges and Success Stories
Speaker: Dr. Bea Ponnudurai, Head, Group HSE Division, PETRONAS.

  •  Information transfer between Gen Y and earlier generations. Gen Y may have a problem communicating.

Paper 2: I Get The Case for Safety – What About The Safety Case; what senior leaders need to know and do to ensure the robust implementation of the Safety Case
Speaker: Martin W. Iversen AFIChemE, Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Operational Assurance Manager, Talisman.

  • Q: How do you make a safety case for things that have never happened before?
  • Q: Challenge ourselves in creating these hypothetical cases, get external input.
  • Q: How do I implement and prioritize a Remedial Action Plan?

Paper 3: Getting The Balance Right – or Feel The Strain
Speaker: Paul Heierman-Rix, Principal Consultant, MMI Engineering.

  • Suggest independent review of the safety cases, i.e. other than the author (I like).
  • Are the Safety Case and COMAH similar, what are the differences? Suggest principles are the same.

Paper 4: Incidents That Happened That Blamed Human Error
Speaker: Roger Ainsworth CEng CSci CEnv FIChemE, General Manager, Megamas Training Company Sdn Bhd.

  • How do we treat old plants? They should be given more supervision and attention then new ones.

Paper 5: Using The Success Of Operational Safety “Life Saving Rules” Into Process Safety
Speaker: Willem Peuscher, HSE Delivery Manager, Shell Malaysia Exploration and Production.

  • Q: Incident happens at least expected times. How do we account for this? Focus on key messages and life saving rules.
  • Full enforcement of life saving rules.


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