From Bernama – Nippon Oil To Conduct Onshore Exploration In Miri

Cool, there might be an opertions room in NOEX’s offices in Miri. And on oil pad in the middle of the Miri Fan.

Dateline 2010-06-10, taken from Bernama:

Japanese oil and gas company, Nippon Oil Exploration (Malaysia) Ltd, will carry out a seismic study within Miri starting this September as part of its onshore oil and gas exploration of Block SK333 in the city here.

The study, which would employ the vibroseis seismic survey technology, the latest in onshore exploration, is expected to be completed in three months, said Nippon Oil’s Managing Director, Hideki Kitagawa on Thursday.

Speaking at an awareness session on the project here, he said the new technology would be used in Malaysia for the first time.

He said the survey follows the awarding of a contract by Petronas to Nippon Oil in 2007 to carry out works on Block SK333, which is about 3,800 kilometres square in size.

About 97 per cent of the total acreage had been surveyed and mostly located in the rural part of the Miri Division near Marudi district.

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  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    ah, the jappy fr1gg1ng tw@ts.

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