IEM Shout Out – 1 Day Seminar on Construction Blasting: Current Issues

May 13, 2014

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will hosting the above seminar on Wednesday the 4th June, 2014 by Ir. Tony Chew, Juna Azleen bin Abdul Ghani, Ir. Look Keman Sahari.

As a result of fast pace development housing, business centres, factories etc are being built near existing structures. Development within city areas for examples requires firm foundation below the surface where underground space are also used as car parks, LRT stations, bus station etc. Excavation of underground space requires the removal of soil and also rocks. In both Selangor and Penang Island the need for building new houses for expanding population requires the cutting and levelling of hilly areas. All these require the use of explosives.

Blasting of rock using explosives near existing structures especially where people live requires special expertise which ordinary shotfirers and even blasting engineers do not learn even in universities. Experience and guide from experienced engineers are needed to ensure successful and safe blasting work.

This one day seminar will discuss the current Regulatory requirements, procedures and also the need for proper competence persons to ensure the safety of the blasting work at construction sites. Standards that are being used as references will also be discussed. Current methodology being practiced will also be shown and case studies from previous project locally and overseas will also be referred.

Not forgetting, the peril of blasting work may result in incidents such as flyrock issues which had caused property damages and sometimes can be fatal. These incidents may result in long work stoppages. Techniques being applied to mitigate flyrock issues and also other environmental issues will be presented. The alternatives means of breaking rocks will also be discussed.


You can register here. Flyers may be obtained here.

IEM Shout Out – Visit to Golden Plus Quarry

July 28, 2010

My technical division will be hosting a trip to Golden Plus Quarry, Ampang Selangor on the 10th August, 2010. You will be anointed with 3 CPD / PDP hours. You didn’t know there was a quarry in Ampang, didn’t you?


Get the form here.  Flyers for the above and other events may be obtained here.

IEM Shout Out – Alternative to Breaking Rocks with Explosives

July 21, 2010

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will hosting a talk on the 13th November, 2010. It’ll be at 9:00 am (makan-makan at 8:30). You still gotta climb those steps at Wisma IEM.

Get the form here.  Flyers for the above and other events may be obtained here. A map to Wisma IEM is presented here.