Saturday Star 2010-08-21 – Job Opportunities

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First off, if you need my help to submit your CVs, donate to the blog, and I’ll review your CV to see if it is worthy of my (and my associates’) expectations. If you can’t figure out how to donate, no need to ask.

  • M3nergy is looking for General Manager – Operations, General Manager (Supply Chain Management), General Manager (Exploration and Production), General Manager (Quality, HSE). Send your qualifications here or snail mail to M3nergy Berhad, Central Services Division (Recruitment Section) 25th and 32nd Floor, Wisma UOA II, 21 Jalan Pinang, 50450 KL.

No food recommendations this week. I was in Brunei last week, and came to the conclusion that the buka puasa buffet is not well practiced in Kuala Belait. Can’t beat the price, though. Around B$9/pax was the most expensive one I found.

11 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-08-21 – Job Opportunities

  1. nizamer says:

    M3nergy remind me to Perintis.

  2. Jabbathehutt says:

    Hmmm, Andrew Waterson there, isn’t it?

  3. nizamer says:

    Not sure Mr Jabba. but our chartered vessel,MV Beta still alongside to Perintis right now.MASA field.

    • Wata says:

      Nizamer: which company owns MV Beta? Come to think of it, can you suggest the names of O&G vessel charter companies? Transport and accommodation vessels. Only name off the top of my head is Borcos.

      • nizamer didn't says:

        Premier Regional Power

      • nizamer says:

        Mr Wata: Beta is owned by Trinity Offshore. vessel charter company is so plenty sir..the point is either we got their vessel or not. hot vessel always laku like goreng pisang panas even in fasting month. do you even heard ‘Lanpan’? that is AHTS vessel..quite hot..transportation barge? “cashman”. any opinion sir?

  4. mohdyakup says:

    You shuld head to RMS Diner at Kuala Belait for some ‘great’ food. Excapade Sushi also not bad.

    Vessel company – Ajang Shipping, EMAS Offshore

  5. mohdyakup says:

    and also Nautika

  6. nizamer says:

    Who is not me?

  7. Dzar says:

    MV Beta … have been onboard several times for suitability inspection & pre-mob. and got a good relationship with Capt Dennison (makan2 @ haipeng chukai). And the owner (jeffrey), who got his BMW 7 series parked under a replica of a vessel front of the office at loyang crescent..Really missed my old days job.

    cheap skate as described by Capt… aaaaaa…. jelle of tml.

  8. Adib Wasit says:

    I got B$6.50/pax at Jerudong…not too bad

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