Saturday Star 2010-07-24 – Job Opportunities

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First off, if you need my help to submit your CVs, donate to the blog, and I’ll review your CV to see if it is worthy of my (and my associates’) expectations. If you can’t figure out how to donate, no need to ask.

  • Talisman is giving you graduates a chance. She is looking for a Graduate Drilling Engineer, Graduate Mech Eng. Talisman, make sure these applicants are already registered with the BEM, if not please reject them out of hand.  Apply here, and visit their site.
  • Smith International Inc. is looking for i-Drill Engineers (you drill what?).  Apply here. They last put up this advert in May, 2010. I guess they couldn’t find anyone of calibre, or they are expanding. Anyone know which statement is correct?

26 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-07-24 – Job Opportunities

  1. Nuar says:

    Thank god they give chance to graduate. Otherwise we will die unmarried. Btw, why did you ask them to reject non-BEM member? Thanks!

    • Wata says:

      Nuar: I ask them to reject non-BEM registered engineers because by law, engineers should be registered. Graduates should now that they need to be registered upon receiving their scrolls. If you don’t, please complain very vocally to your Director of Studies or Academic Tutor (very Cantabrian titles).

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Maybe registering is so difficult, by the time you are done, sudah mati pucuk!

  2. hess says:

    hohoho..die nehe have no idea to survive?

  3. Jabbathehutt says:

    Again, I spent bloody 2 yrs to register for a BEM graduate. Because of the following reason;

    1. I lost your file
    2. I don’t know where your degree is from (UK = Ulu Klang? bodoh!)
    3. Can I check whether United Kingdom degree can be recognised?

    After number 3, they repeat and go to excuse number 1.

  4. Wishgotcable says:

    Wata: Why do you have to advertise the vacancies for graduates here? Now I have to compete with all those 1st class scorers. Duh! (wink..wink..) Alright..Alright..equal opportunity policy..i got it.Sighh..

    Ja-Hutt: really? since I graduated from NZ, the chance to go through the same freaking procedures as u used to is close to unity. By the time I register with BEM, these positions are already filled. Sorry mate, better luck next time! Nooo…

    • Wata says:

      Wishgotcable: How many times did you apply to register with the BEM?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      well, my first job didn’t need BEM.

      Anyway, what do you expect, its BEM…

      The number of time I apply is equal or less than the time they fix the Kepong overpass. We’ve got BEM to ensure that the engineering is correct, and the only thing we are stuck with is a crappy bridge. if you go to kepong today, (where jabba is originally from) you will see it is still wrap up in green sheets of netting to prevent it from cracking.

      BEM is ran by Civil and Structural engineers that can’t even build a bridge properly, not to mention their head, led by El-Stupido Sammy Vellu (the guy that want to kasi api to kampung, and derma dara).

      • Wishgotcable says:

        Wata: None. Truth is, nvr know that we need to be registered with BEM straight away after graduation. No one told me, not even my sponsor. Quite shocked really. You hv to forgive me, being fresh and everything…Will ya?

        Jabba: What if I got a degree from US? Bet they r gonna be xtremely flabbergasted with furrowed eyebrows. US–> Ulu Sedili? _______(Jabba, please fill in the blank, TQ)

        Derma dara..haha..typical ol’ Sammy..not to mention jgn isap dada…(err)

      • hess says:

        Man #1 : Ini kampung tarak jambatan.
        Man #2 : Apa susah,kita buat satu lah
        Man # 3 : Tapi ini kampung tarak sungai
        Man # 1 : Apa susah,kita buat jambatan then kita buat sungai lah..

        Malaysia Boleh!

      • Wata says:

        Hess: strangely enough, that was how they built the bridges in Putrajaya. The bridge was constructed before the lake. So, I guess your example was overheard at the JKR offices?

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        ah so…. that’s our el-stupido.

        by the way, the BEM have US as Ulu Samy (named after el-stupido).

  5. hess says:

    In Islam,we call “kias”…you can not mention it directly.

  6. Krishan says:

    Hi wata,

    I applied for the post Grad Mech Eng with Talisman.I am a registered student member of IEM and was active in IEM student chapter in UTM. But I am yet to change my status to graduate member with BEM as I am still awaiting for my convocation in sept to recieve my degree certificate. However I am very much interested to pursue my career in oil & gas,thus I am looking forward for an interview. Please advise. My resume can be view at the following link. Thanks.

  7. Jabbathehutt says:

    Hi wata,

    I applied for the post CEO with Talisman.I am a registered stupid member of IEM and was active in IEM porno chapter in UTM. But I am yet to change my status to graduate mafia with BEM as I am still awaiting for my convocation in sept to recieve my degree certificate. However I am very much interested to pursue my career in oil & gas,thus I am looking forward for an interview (don’t bother about my application, just give me an interview). Please advise. My resume can be view at the following link. Thanks.

  8. akazr says:

    Dear Wata or Jabbathehutt(regular commenter)

    I have degree in civil engineering (graduated from local university) with 5 years of experience in O&G industries (offshore and onshore) while representing main contractor and subcontractor, but most of my experiences involved with electrical, mechanical and instrumentation. My civil knowledge? Totally lost..;(

    Based on my main project, I was handled with installation of 7 units turbine control panel for generators, air compressor installation, condensate transfer pump installation and acting as a project engineer/field service engineer…

    So, by now im looking for a new job, but really don’t know what and which company I should apply…

    Seek your advice…

    • Wata says:

      akazr: kinda hard to suggest something if you yourself don’t know where you want to go in the future. If you’re looking for money, aim to grow a profitable company. If you like project management (Jack of all trades, get chased by all) then keep doing what you are doing. If you want to back to your discipline, then expect starting from scratch. Me, I’ve moved from process, facilities, process, safety, facilities, process… my skills are in that zone.

      • akazr says:

        Dear wata,
        Thanks for your responds, really appreciate it..

        To be honest with you, yes I’m looking for a good job and good money..
        Based on 5 years experiences, I’m acting as a project/field engineer and directly involved in detailed design, planning and execution of the projects… also responsible in preparation of cost estimation, preparation of proposal/workpack (drawing preparation-autocad, project schedule-M.Project and manpower arrangement) conduct onshore/offshore site visit.. Also monitoring installation/construction activity from material receiving at site until project completes.

        Im prefer myself to work outside (field engineer) instead of stay all the time in office. Can you suggest something to me wata?

  9. akazr says:

    wata.. any news?
    ya.. its ok for me to start from scratch..

    • Wata says:

      akarz: I don’t have any suggestions. Shell as field engineers, Exxon’s engineers are office based. PETRONAS’s engineers are a mix. Most of the offshore construction companies don’t have field engineers per se, mostly construction managers / engineers who manage the project, but the serious engineering is done at the home office.

      • akazr says:

        wata cant give me any suggestion laaa… 😦
        erk, seriously I do not know what should I do now..

        btw, thnx.

      • Wata says:

        akazr: In my experience, if you want to work as a field engineer with the PSCs, I don’t think your skills set match their requirements. You could become the site project engineer, working on installation of brownfield packages or skids. Keep checking the papers for project engineer positions, and when it comes to the interview, say that you don’t mind being offshore (onsite) based, rather than in the office.

  10. Jabbathehutt says:

    basically, its your life. you need to do what you need to do.


    • nizamer says:

      And sometimes we do what we no need to do. Like explain what degree we got blablabla..and request a job from mr wata. kindly donate and send your resume.Thats all.

  11. dellius says:

    reject because don’t register with bem? i know it’s the law, but it is never enforce. out of 10 people i know who works in oil and gas, only 6 people registered. They do just fine.

    for me, a local university certified by LAN, took 3 months for the process. For a body which is govern by engineers, it’s definitely not efficient, more like bureaucrats. Typical government practice, 8 to 5 and no extra effort.

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