Saturday Star 2010-05-29 – Job Opportunities

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  • No jobs of note were advertised last Saturday. Only job worth applying for is as admin staff at Synergy. We are also looking for someone with the ability and personality to fill up the position as a permanent member of the family.


Reflecting the quality and number of interview sessions last week, my recommendation for this week is Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, Eighth Edition (Chemical Engineers Handbook). I don’t really mind if you buy it from Universiti Malaya (y’know, the uni I couldn’t get in ’cause my grades weren’t good enough) Pekanbuku.

42 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-05-29 – Job Opportunities

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    Jabba now comes into synergy offices every weeks to crack the whip.

    by the way, the statement “I can’t get into UM” is a vicious lie. From someone that was studying in Cambridge, I’d say he’s a sarcastic tw?t.

    • Wata says:

      House: actually the statement is true. In the good old days where 2-1 meant you actually had to study, UM wanted 5A1s. I think I only had 3, English, Math Mod, Physics. Rest were in the A2 to C3 class.

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        you have better results than me. damm.

        try to forget this chapter of your life. don’t mention it.

        my advice, try to be like hitler. he can’t go into art school, hence he went for world domination.

  2. Aaron Ang says:

    Hi Wata,

    I’m a Mechanical Engineer working for Aker Solutions for a year and a half now. In addition to the low pay, I find the job I’m doing now, which is in engineering consultancy is not interesting and boring to me as what I do the whole day is sit in the office preparing reports. I am looking for a job in management in any Oil companies. I’ve worked in Petronas Managemtn before and I find I like that job scope. I’ve been trying to apply for jobs for a long time now but there seems to be no response. Please advise on my issue and how to go about securing a job soon. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Wata says:

      Aaron Ang: share with us, as a 1.5 year engineer, what appeals to you in PETRONAS management compared to your current job? Most engineers start out with building up a sound grounding in engineering. PETRONAS used to not know what they wanted their engineers to do, so they decided to become an asset management company, and let all the engineering be done via contracts. Results? You have a lot of young engineers running around without a (technical) clue what they were managing, and letting contractors screw around with pricing, schedules and quality of products that came out, if they deemed PETRONAS worthy of their time. Throw in a hint of arrogance, and there goes the profits from the hydrocarbons squeezed out of my tanah air.

      Now PETRONAS has come back to the fold as it were, and want to do engineering in-house. All’s well and good (bad for us small contractors), but they don’t have many senior engineers to guide and pass on good engineering habits and provide role models (engineering and moral) to the current batch of Young Turks (and Turkettes). Us in the industry with a sense of decency try and instill an appreciation of engineering, but often don’t have long term contacts with they young ‘uns, long enough so we can instill our values into them. I’m not talking about ‘one Blackberry per contract’ values.

      Maybe PETRONAS and the IEM should force young engineers to join the various sessions set up by the IEM for mentorship. I would highly recommend Ir. Rocky Wong’s Circle of Mentorship.

      Aaron Ang: after all that, what do YOU want?

  3. Jabbathehutt says:

    You think you are the only one that wants a management job?

    I want to be the VP of Petronas, and they didn’t give it to me…. because my current job is boring.

    i think you’ll need to have at least 15yrs experience before you can be a manager in an oil company….

    what a joke.

  4. Aaron Ang says:

    Hmm.. i think i try finding a job out of Malaysia. This country is underpaying its professionals and I think there are better prospects in other countries. No wonder so many professionals are opting to get out of this country. All we need is an opportunity. My friend left aker (at that time paying RM2.5k) and went to singapore as a field engineer now earning 12sgd. Trying to see the light in this country… but.. *sigh*

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      again, ppl take short cuts. the trick is to maintain the high salary as long as you can.

      Wata, a bit of greed goes far a way. why settle as the king’s brother, when you can be king…. deja vu…. prince of persia’s plot all over again…. damm.

      • Poison says:

        I suppose it depends on which entry level you’re on. I know some ppl in Aker being paid a five figure salary. *grin* I also know a few other people being paid five figure salaries under contract. Depending on the job offering (i.e contract/permanent) the money will vary. No?

    • Rig Rat says:


      Yeah we are underpaid. Some countries only hire western expats.

      I left my comfy job in an office to work on rigs. Well, it pays the bills. Loads of time off.

      I would not say that it is easy doing this but it is way better sitting in the office yawning/dreaming.

      • Wata says:

        Rig Rat: I would expect a young engineer to use their down time to improve themselves. Read up on basic engineering, or grab the latest trade rag from the recycle heap. Maybe stare at acreage maps to know the interlinks between the different fields. You may be asked questions by Jabba the next day.

  5. Aaron Ang says:

    Hmm.. so what is you guys’ advice? I’m here to seek advice from u… Like Jabbathehutt says… high salary… 🙂

    • Wata says:

      Aaron Ang: now it’s a different question, money talks. If was of a criminal mind, apply to the PSC operators as a purchasing analyst, then always ask for kickbacks when recommending bidders.

      On another note, in Malaysia the highest paid engineers seem to be those who work for the PSCs (not including PETRONAS) or run GLC companies. But, at 1.5 years experience, you should expect to be rebooting your career, not leveraging off past experience.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      work with a small consultancy and find skills that are in demand.

      These are very very well paid job if you have more than 10 yrs experience:

      1. Risk and Safety Engineers (this are not crap guys checking for safety briefing. I am talking about QRA, FSA, ESSA, ETRERA etc.)

      2. Process Engineer (doing specialist work, like those in Synergy. I don’t see synergy people complaining about low salary).

      • hess says:

        or you can applied as DOSH officer (J41)…see how they change SSI from RBI..our ERP to MKN20!

      • Wata says:

        hess: I have no idea what SSI, ERP, J41 or MKN20 stand for. Enlighten us.

      • Fred says:

        How about corrosion field? Is it a niche market but come with high remuneration?
        What will you comment about the demand and the pay of Risk& Safety and corrosion field..

      • Wata says:

        Fred: I don’t know about the corrosion field. Though I would think that most of operations problems are erosion, and that corrosion is not a continuous problem, i.e. once the source is identified, measures are implemented and sustained.

    • Poison says:

      Hear! Hear! Show me the money…. an age old adage.

      • nizamer says:


      • Wata says:

        nizamer: I didn’t have any interesting food sites last week. I’ll make it up this week, as I am on holiday and taking in the local food.

      • nizamer says:

        ISI TERSURAT:Going holiday? Mr wata why don’t you try that ‘Perkampungan Jepun’ at Pahang? After that share with us lah the photos..
        ISI TERSIRAT: wanna go there, but always the money go somewhere travelling..jadila..

      • Wata says:

        nizamer: where is Perkampungan Jepun? Send an email to

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        lucky him. holidays.

  6. Jabbathehutt says:

    working towards six figure here.

  7. JFE says:

    join schlumberger.ask for international mobility to nigeria,venezuela,libya as field engineer.hard work but the money is really good.5 figures good.

    • nizamer says:

      indeed. but to join schlumberger is not easy as ‘slamber jer’..the better jobs for the better person (and better salary). Good luck to anyone who like to join them.

    • hess says:

      by 5 figure a number you has a chace to get 4 number of wife…opssss..

  8. nizamer says:

    Good day Mr Wata, I wanna ask is marine engineering or marine technology fields have their place in O&G industry?

    • JFE says:

      sure got one.FPSO’s,FSO,semi-sub platform need marine engineers in the office and the in the field.apply to fpso ventures.or if you are confident apply harm what.

      • nizamer says:

        Owhh..thanks bro.I understood that FPSO & FSO’s job scope for marine engineers.what about in platform? what is the most suitable position for us?

  9. JFE says:

    i think fpso ventures has contract to operate semi submersible platforms in Malaysia@kikeh,gumusut kakap.might have something to do with the ballast control system,mooring system,etc.just guessing here.maybe marine engineer are responsible for them.

  10. nizamer says: my buddy there on platform just responsible to synchronizing genset and round check. any top overhaul or major overhaul job conduct by specialist from shore.

  11. RUFF says:

    Aaron:You gimme your job in Akerla….

  12. SuperCharted Engine says:

    i wonder many ppls said under/low pay?
    For my pay now 50Krm per mth in engineering industry, is that low pay? wht do u think on my pay?

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