Saturday Star 2010-05-22 – Job Opportunities

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  • ExxonMobil is looking for a wellwork supervisor. This advert came out about the same time last year. Do they only last for a year, or is this a term contract?
  • Amerstrand Engineering is looking for a Project Manager (E&I, Mech, Piping & Architectural). Email to There is no website.
  • Kencana Pinewell, a subsidiary of Kencana Petroleum, is looking for a mess o’ people. Project Man, Constr Man, Tender & Prop Man, Opns Team Leader, Field Eng, Project Eng, Comm Eng, Rot Eqt Eng, QC Eng, HSE Eng. Send your resumes to
  • SABIC is looking for people,  production operators for olefins (etylene, butene-1 and butadiene). You can apply via email here or here. Or key in your resumes online here, by logging in under candidate login and password at the website. Submission by 26th May, 2010, interviews on 29th and 30th May 2010 at the Ritz Carlton.
  • Newfield is  looking for a HSE specialist, Environmental specialist (I always forget the ‘n’ in environ…). Email your resume in before 7 June, 2010.
  • Smith International Inc. is looking for i-Drill Engineers (you drill what?).  Apply here.

Food recommendations for this week? Try Aliya, on Lorong Dungun.

As for recommendations, since Ashes to Ashes (spin-of from the Life on Mars Series) concluded on Friday, 21 March, and I am a big fan of the series (not sure about the US version, though), I recommend getting Life On Mars (UK): The Complete Collection, Ashes to Ashes – Series One, and Ashes To Ashes – Series 2. Or if you can wait, I’m sure they’ll publish Ashes to Ashes as one complete selection.

17 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-05-22 – Job Opportunities

  1. vex says:

    Dear Mr Wata,

    I’m currently working with a PETRONAS vendor as a project engineer.

    From my conversation with my colleagues, they are all suggesting that I go for somewhere ‘technical’ like piping engineer, rotating eng, etc. Hence, influenced by their suggestions, I went on hunting for any available opportunities.

    Just to get an insight from someone I believe more experienced(based on ‘About Wata – Really’), where do you reckon a project engineer would be at probably in 5 years time if everything goes perfectly?

    I’m really trying to pickup the best career start.

    Would a piping engineer from a company that makes water tanks & supply network for housing/commercial development be of any fit to a piping engineer in the O&G industry?

    Thanks again Mr Wata. Your answer to the BEM/IEM thingy really clears the issue.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Piping water tanks will not fit oil and gas. if you want to be piping, you’ll need to start from a graduate level.

      for proj eng, if you’re lucky, in 10 yr, you’ll be proj manager. people will be sucking up to u everyday.

      • Abang Botak says:

        Abang Botak says:

        True said, i think PE suits for those who’ve gain 3 to 5 years of technical,skills and site experiences in their early engineers career.

        I was a PE before and my SOW are prepare ITB,quotation,tender,monitoring cost and expenses,prepare and submit closed out report,prepare and monitor manpower schedule and meeting with clients.

        In my humble opinion,i think that young and junior engineers should gain raw experience,knowing about materials,specs,tests,procedures because its essential and important before they step up the ladder to carry out PE tasks especially for cost monitoring and tender submission.

  2. afizul says:

    dear mr. wata,

    I’m fresh mechanical engineering graduate from UKM. I am interested to join qc engineering in oil and gas. I heard about the certificate that one should have that will eligible for him to apply the job. I just want to know the option.Either take the certificate first and apply the post or apply first and take the exam? Which would you reckon?Thank you.

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      you need to be specific what cert you are talking about.

      i think its a sijil bukti kamu tidak gila (SBKTG).

  3. JabbatheHutt says:

    you post the same post twice.

    what exam? i think visiting the shrink should suffice.

  4. afizul says:

    haha. It’s there such a cert…I’m talking about welding(cswip 3.1) or ndt cert(ut,ry,rt,mpi). Puspatri will open the exam for these certificate on august. Well i’ll be jobless for about 3 months from now. Plus there will be 4 months lesson berfore the exam. Im confused about it.By the way, i didnt relise i posted it twice. Thanks

  5. Jabbathehutt says:

    try NDT. it has a better chances to get a job.

    but you can also do a part time Bachelor in Mech Eng (as a long term plan). it is a spring board to better things.

  6. Fakuyi Olusola says:

    Good day,
    please i like to ask some few question concerning the application.Am still an undergraduate (final year student to be rounding up by december 2010) of Agricultural Engineering in Nigeria, do i stand the chance of applying at the end of my study

  7. Fakuyi Olusola says:

    Sorry for not specifing in my first question what i meant was that can i apply for job as an agricultural engineer in oil and gas industry in your country as an expatriate from nigeria at the end of my study.

  8. Jabbathehutt says:

    what do I want an agricultural engineer in the oil and gas industry. You do not plant oil on tree, it is extracted from the earth.

    No, there is no job for an agricultural engineer in Malaysia, unless you plan to plant hasish, hemp and sell it to your fellow nigerians here.

  9. Cristy says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good day. I’m currently working here in Batu Caves, I want to ask there is any vacant for Electrical Engineer because my husband is currently working in Saudi, he want transfer here in Malaysia. His work experience is 4 yrs in oil and gas company.

    Thank you in advance

  10. hendra sahputra says:

    i am hendra 27years old.i am lookig for job in malaysia as pipe fitter.i have work experience is 7 yrs from indonesia and from Qatar oil and gas company.please contact me at +6281364388521.BTW Thank you for your attention and i would like to hearing good news from you soon

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