Saturday Star 2010-05-01 – Job Opportunities

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And now, on with our regular show.

  • My office is looking for part-time admin staff. Call Ibrahim at +603-56371015.
  • Ah, Murphy, Murphy, the stalwart of the hiring pages. They are looking for an auditor (that’s a position open for abuse, Snr Rotating Engineer, Snr Facilities Eng (hey, I didn’t know someone was leaving), Junior Subsea Eng, Petroleum Eng. Send your applications here.
  • SABIC is looking for people, and they are darn tootin’ doing it by having walk-in interviews. Let’s see, they are looking for Snr Eng (Centrifugal & Steam Turbines), Snr Eng (Screw), Snr Eng (Blowers and Pumps), Reliability Eng (no need, send your sole source RFQs to Synergy), and other similar positions. Walk-in interviews are at the Hyatt Regency, Pahang (3 June), J W Marriot KL (4 June), Renaissance Melaka (5 June), Park Everly Hotel Bintulu (6 June). You can apply via email here or here. Or key in your resumes online here. Mention to your interviewer I sent you.
  • I see that QatarGas is looking for people, and I see that the advert targets our Indonesian cousins. They are looking for Snr Resv Eng, Resv Eng, Snr Corrosion Eng. Apply here. or snail mail to PT NES Global Technical Consultant, c/o CEO Suite, One Pacific Place (Kidzania!) Sudirman Central Business District, 15th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-5, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia.

No food recommendations photos this week. Lunch on Saturday was provided at Agrotek Resort Hulu Langat, near my parents place. Write ups of the place can be found here, here. Go visit the place. In an example of ‘so near, yet so far’, there are no phone and power lines to the place, yet it’s off jalan Hulu Langat, go figure. Contact number is +60192716994.

At some point in my reading career, I got interested in the historical side of mathematics. Examples of such books of this genre are Men of Mathematics, Journey through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics, Archimedes to Hawking: Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them.

51 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-05-01 – Job Opportunities

  1. ejam says:

    you beat ‘Star Jobs’ bro! haha..thanks..

  2. ejam says:

    ..looks like some good peoples still working (sincerely) on labourday..thanks bro!

  3. Jabbathehutt says:

    i know. he’s a freak, working on labour day.

  4. zira says:

    hi.. im zira, a fresh graduate from utm.. im really interested to start my career in o&g industries, but as far as i observed most of the o&g company are looking for experienced people. is there any vacancies for freshies? even it is just a small company as long as it related to o&g

    • Wata says:

      Zira: before I answer, who have you applied to? And what companies do you mean by ‘oil & gas’?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      This is another typical question that is waiting for whacking.

      1. What have you studied? B.A. in Drama? or what?
      2. what do you mean related to O&G? Do you mean the bakery that supply the cakes to Petronas meeting room?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      This is another typical question that is waiting for whacking.

      1. What have you studied? B.A. in Drama? or what?
      2. what do you mean related to O&G? Do you mean the bakery that supply the cakes to Petronas meeting room?

      The right way to ask question is post a link to your CV and then ask for advice?

      I am also interested to be a CEO of petronas, any advice?…..

    • zira says:

      sorry wata and jabba for improper question.. im zira taking mechanical engineering course in utm and im just graduated on april. my mission in career, is to start my first step as engineer in any company that related to oil and gas; even if the company sell oil n gas equipments.. its not because of the payment but because of the exposure, the experience, the skills that i want to dig. so, im proud to have some advice from experienced people like all of you.

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        This guy is quite ok in taking Jabba’s abuse.

        Mechanical engineering is divided generally into a few catagories;

        1. Mechanical Static
        2. Mechanical Rotating
        3. Mechanical Piping
        4. Mechanical Corrosion (which may also do QA/NDT etc)
        5. Mechanical Design/Simulation (PDMS, Ansys etc)
        6. Mechanical Pipeline
        7. Package Engineer
        8. Others (procurement, contracts etc).

        Static, piping would be the best bet if you are in-experienced, because they will take graduates for these disciplines. If you are want to start, you can find fabricators, or large design houses (technip, worley etc).

        Rotating is easier if you start of working for vendors supplying rotating equipments (pumps, compressors etc).

        Pipelines are very specific, and good companies in KL are few, e.g. Intec, JP Kenny, Pegasus etc.

        The rest needs more experienced people, or special skills/certification.

      • zira says:

        thank you very much.. i treasure it..
        psstt… how about synergy oil n gas engineering? what business is the company doing in specific? can i try my luck here? hehe

      • Wata says:

        zira: a definite way of increasing your chances of finding a job that meets your career goal is to investigate the company you are applying to. Last century, we went to the careers room and looking up hard copy brochures, or reading the papers. This century, we look up the company’s official website. How about you look up Synergy’s website, and tell us what you found?

  5. OrcaFlex says:

    Sigh, I missed last Saturday’s Star…

    Anyone knows how many years of experience is required for the Junior Subsea Eng position?


  6. ejam says:

    to zira:
    Just try aje mana2 matter what they ask for experience, company yang you ask tu (small as long as in ‘o&g’) also want the experience one.thats we called ‘bussinees’. Apa yang penting (kerjasama!) try to yakinkan company2 bahawa you are freshie, you can work! And you know about your work. Accepted or not, it is not in my hand, not in mr wata’s mouth, not under mr jabba’s pillow. Keep try and try..not mengeluh and complain. Good luck. -I have tried b4.its working.

  7. Jabbathehutt says:

    hey, jabba’s first job was only RM600!

    • zira says:

      for the past 20 years, rm 600 is enough to support life i think.. but now im totally confirm that the number increase by zero at the back.. maybe two zero kan mr. jabba? =)

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        not too long ago. RM600 in 1998

        used a bike because it was a more economical way. never to use parents/in-law money, so had to struggle.

        no one can say i didn’t work hard for my money now, that’s why i hate people that expects help without even trying.

        now different story, choosing between DB9, imported alphard 2010 or BMW 7 series.

      • zira says:

        wow.. im really impressed. i admire people who succeed because of their difficulties they faced before,”bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian”. how to be as good as you all guys? can u share your experienced on your first step to build your career growth?

      • Wata says:

        zira: maybe some others will want to contribute their career paths till now. Jabba and the rest of the Darths might want to elaborate on their experiences.

  8. ejam says:

    no prob zira. fyi, I just only have diploma (in marine engineering)..I am the one who bersemangat dengar you baru grade..Sy pun ada impian juga nak join o&g ni..tapi nanti la lepas further study..pape pun congrate n good luck k..

  9. ejam says:

    mr jabba, that RM600 nowadays is enough-enough eating to pay my myvi monthly..exclude petrol. hadtooi!!

  10. hess says:

    what jabba means not the RM600 but fresh not to demand..or never ‘khoyal’ lebih…when you can do the jobs..the money give steel and do not expect you get the gold

  11. Jabbathehutt says:

    most of my engineers only give me watery stool, not even solid crap

  12. Tali Kapal says:

    Hi ejam,

    Diploma (marine Engineering)? PUO?

  13. Ana says:

    Hi Wata,
    I am fresh graduate (9.4.2010)undertaking Bchelor Degree in Chemical Engineering(PURE).
    I would like to have your opinion based on finding job.I found it is difficult to get any job now. I send my CV all over the country, but it seem no reply from them. Do you think sending CV through email is not best choice?

    • Wata says:

      Ana: The O&G industry is slow right now. As for sending your CV out via email, do you do any targeting? Researching the company you send stuff out to, trying to coincide with their hiring processes, tailoring your cover letter to meet their requirements, writing in Bahasa Inggeris baku, or BM baku? Nothing turns me off a prospective applicant more than an email which looks as if was typed on a Nokia 6120 … with a hangover and two fingers tied together. Jabba recommends short skirts, with legs to match.
      Don’t give up. We do like to see graduate applicants make use of their down time to do part time work, or work that shows initiative, and a can-do spirit.

  14. Jabbathehutt says:

    yes, the chances of getting a job by sending through email to an oil and gas company is almost 0.1%.

  15. Ana says:


  16. hess says:

    I think BLR is much2 higher than 0.1%…and Jabba BMI is more than 3.0…?

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      i am in the morbid obese range.

      however, high BMI indicates i am well fed, and on the road to be coming a fat ba***rd

  17. Ana says:

    but most of them ask us to apply through website? such as shell..
    is’t the same?

    • Wata says:

      Ana: a website application is fine. The target company looks through those applications in more detail than a cold email. So, apply through the website, not too creative with the truth, and expect to be asked technical questions. If you apply to Shell, tell me if they are still looking for people with a HELO outlook.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      funny you mention shell. this thing actually happened to jabba.

      i wrote to shell via their website. never got a job interview. after two weeks, i sent my CV to shell via a contact, and i got an offer within 3 days (even without interview).

  18. hess says:

    how come you want to work for Shell since you still asking stupid question.

    • ejam says:

      to ana:
      Glad u asking what u don’t know. U are better than people ‘act’ like they know everything. Plus u are a very fresh graduate. My advice, don’t put your hope to much to big company. Small also still ok. Just gain knowledge & experience. After a few years, its up to u. Okey? To others, please support them as they are freshy. They are apprentice to our O&G bussiness after we all dead.and…we will die..terimalah hakikat.

  19. Ana says:

    Thanks everyone.
    i have a dream to work in o&g eventhough it seem hard to get in. i wish i starts as clerk so that i can be part of o&g but they also not accepted me as I already asked Malaysian O&G company hr department. They said, they will take if i’m diploma holder.(HAHA)

    i tried all d companys in Malaysia..but now still no hope..(isn’t it hard to get job now..hOhO)

    • ejam says:

      Do your best! and remember..never ‘khoyal lebih’.. like some people whose always khoyal clever..peace!

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      jabba is in the mooooood….

      don’t believe company website. this is to show that they have a “real” application process, probably to show that they care (and meet ISO9001 procedures).

      anyway, just let me repeat this again.

      Imagine you are a head of department, looking for a secretary. You tell HR that you want someone “with a diploma, motivated, hardworking and dedicated”. chances are there are about 500 persons that fit that description. if someone, say the tea lady tells the head “encik, saya punya anak saudara sangat rajin, ada diploma, boleh tolong?”

      as a head of department you have two choices;

      1. Sieve through and interview 100 candidates, waste your precious time, and the tea lady spits in your coffee.

      2. Tea lady brings you goreng pisang every thursday, and you get invited to her house during hari raya.

      either one, you end up with a useless secretary. i wonder which option you’d choose.

      • zira says:

        the second choice is usually happen i think. sigh~~ anyway jabba, what is your opinion about the statements:
        1-people who can talk GOOD but doesnt perform or
        2- people who cant talk so much (in english) but can work and perform excellent?

      • JabbatheHutt says:

        the sad fact is, if you talk well, you already won 50% of the war.

        talkers have better chance than workers.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      why do you want to work for an oil and gas company so much?

      is it because of the glamour, money or the hot sweaty man in coverall?

  20. abang botak84 - Kemaman Mari says:


    To Ana and Zira,welcome to O&G world…
    my name is Hafiz or just call me abang botak(4 girls only),he3…
    My advice,its good to start small in O&G world to gain knowledge in this field so the chances you to fit into big company getting bigger in future…
    The payment is relatively ciput at first but certainly u don’t believe the pay rise that u will get…
    Just follow Jabba n Wata advice n plus your hard work,ur dream just not a dream…

  21. Jabbathehutt says:

    abang botak? hmmmm, we have an in-house abang botak.

    We like to think he is our favourite abang botak, MM in Intec.

  22. hess says:

    what I means think before talk..used yr brain while working…not just high octane of motivation…Ana need other qualities if you interested to work at big company like shell/exxon..working is journey not destination.

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      unless they are jabba’s slave. i make them high on motivation. all they have to do is work in the saltmines, gold mines, and uranium mines.

      If you motivate them enough (with whips, stun gun and sometime, good old fashion batons), they will work for free!

  23. abang botak says:

    well said…
    motivation only not enough

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