Saturday Star 2010-04-10 – Job Opportunities

First off, if you need my help to submit your CVs, donate to the blog, and I’ll review your CV to see if it is worthy of my (and my associates’) expectations. If you can’t figure out how to donate, you are definitely Autom8 fodder.

  • I see that Qatar Petroleum is looking for people. Too bad that it isn’t looking for engineers, mainly ICT, Software Application Specialists, SAP people. Apply here.
  • Murphy is looking for support staff as well, Computerized Asset & Maintenance Management System Tech (this should be outsourced to Synergy), Network Admin, Comm/Planning, Exec, T&T Exec, HR Exec . What is this, hate your engineer week? Sigh, if you really must, send your qualifications here.
  • TÜV (you know, the qualification body that gave me FS Engineer status?) is looking for an ISO auditor. Send your qualifications here.
  • M3nergy is looking for Manager – Corp Comm, Manager (Finance/ Accounts), Snr Exec (Finance/ Accounts), Accounts Assistant. Another ‘no engineers needed’ add. Send your qualifications here or snail mail to M3nergy Berhad, Central Services Division (Recruitment Section) 25th and 32nd Floor, Wisma UOA II, 21 Jalan Pinang, 50450 KL.

This week’s food recommendation is Paya Serai, PJ Hilton. This is where the IEM Oil, Gas and Mining Technical Division relax after having our daily smoking session where we discuss the cricket scores, the affairs of Brunei, state of the Commonwealth and toast to the health of King Edward.

19 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-04-10 – Job Opportunities

  1. JabbatheHutt says:

    hmmm, which one? the one the one that abdicated? he gave Georgie Boy 6 the throne…. what a idiot.

  2. Wata says:

    Actually, I meant Richard IV, Black Adder’s mythical king.

  3. JabbatheHutt says:

    aaah, edmund…. the duke of edinburgh…and his trusty idiot, baldrick…

    prefer the one with QE I.

  4. Poison says:

    Interesting read. Interesting blog. Interesting character. Long live Black Adder. 😉

    • Wata says:

      Poison: As far as I remember, doesn’t he and Baldrick and Dr. House, sorry George die in the last episode of ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’? And you really need to play PoP on an emulated Apple ][ to enjoy the experience, and learn a few swear words.

      • Poison says:

        As in the character on Black Adder or the actual guy who played Black Adder. I’ve not seen all the Blackadder series (left Australia in 1998) and could not seem to get BA copies much on dvd.

        I was not swearing. I wanted to include “insert evil laugh” there. 😉

      • Wata says:

        Poison: the character Blackadder. If you want to pick up a copy of the whole series remastered (I already have), click on the link in the main article. I anticipate hours of laughter while my spouse and kids look at me quizzically.

      • Poison says:

        I’m sorry. Which one is the main article link? You have the whole series?! You’re a fanatic then 😉 Yes. They will look at you quizically while I wonder why they’re not joining you in the laugh. *scratches head in wonder*

      • Wata says:

        Here is the Black Adder link, though if it doesn’t work, you can get it from this page.

      • Poison says:

        Thanks for the link. 🙂 I leave you here with …

        “A man sent a list of ten puns to a friend, hoping at least one would make him laugh. No pun in ten did.”


    • Wata says:

      Poison: What I meant was, ‘you will learn and use more swear words when playing PoP on the Apple ][‘ 🙂

      • Poison says:

        AAhhh…. PoP indeed has brought the evil out me. You should see me on my phone then. It would be turning and twisting the phone as if the character would fight better or the baddies wud drop off the ledge faster. WAkakaka….

  5. Jabbathehutt says:

    hmmmm, that’s true. my wife was looking at me quizzically for the first few days until she started getting into the British humour mode.

    Yes minister, yes prime minister, faulty towers, monty phyton, the kumars etc.

    • Poison says:

      OMG! I love Yes Prime Minister and Faulty Tower. Soooo totally Brit humor. Have you watched Little Britain? I love that too. It used to play on Astro on the BBC channel. Wonder if they’re still playing. I’ve deactivated my BBC channel since and chose the Sports channel. I wish they play them on TV. It just cracks me up. LoL.

      • JabbatheHutt says:

        ah little britain. remember the “only gay in the village” and the sod in wheelchair?

      • Poison says:

        Jabba, yezza. The one and only. That sod in the wheelchair is quite the character himself. Funny. Funny to bits. 😀

    • Poison says:

      Yes. I love the Kumars too. Hillarious! Especially the old granny. She’s the best and she rocks!!! She’s my favourite granny. If only mine had half of her sense of humour. I’d probably turned out better. LoL!

      • JabbatheHutt says:

        especially when she tries flirt with the guess. hilarious episode when she tried hitting on ronan keating

      • Poison says:

        Hillarious whenever she tried hitting on those cute hottie male guest period! hehehe…. She’s quite a character that one. Makes you wish you have one like her. 😉

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