Saturday Star 2010-01-16 – Job Opportunities

  • Synergy is looking for lead safety engineers, safety specialists, junior and lead process engineers and technical writers. We’re on an expansion drive, people! Visit the Synergy website for contact details. For leads, you need 5 years plus experience in the oil & gas industry. For safety specialist applicants, you need to be well versed in HAZOP, HAZID, QRA, FERA and Formal Safety Assessment. Ah, heck. If you have more than 5 years experience in O&G, apply. If you have less than 5, send a donation to the offshore account, and still get abuse. For juniors, go pick up a copy of Cambridge’s ChemEng syallabus, and go study like the Tripods (all of them) are tomorrow. 
  • I see PETRONAS has a walk-in interview session on the 23 & 24 January 2010 at the KL Convention Centre (remind me not to go to in that weekend).  They have postions for executives/ engineers/ technical coaches & technical professionals. You need at least a BEng and 8 (eight) years related experience. Don’t come crying to me if they reject you because you only have 5 years. Hah, they want you to bring their latest resume (no CVs), to passport photos, NRIC, academic qualifications and last 3 pay slips (of course, everyone will bring in ‘adjusted’ slips if they had any sense).
  • Muhibbah Petrochemical Engineering is looking for senior QA / QC, project planning and control engineer. You can send your resume in here.
  • Turboservices is looking for a opns & maint technician. Send email here.
  • Petrosains is looking for people as well, I guess.

No food recommendations this week. I’ll be in Kerteh InshaAllah this Wed, so I guess it’s Sundram banana leaf rice for lunch. Sigh, how I miss Pak Ali’s nasi biryani…

6 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-01-16 – Job Opportunities

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    only UK grads would know about tripods, or rather a fellow cantabrian.

    • Wata says:

      jabba: just sorting out the chaff from the wheat, if someone was really interested in applying, they would go and find out what on earth I was referring to. Hmm, now I gotta refer to even more obscure qualifications.

  2. dedalie says:

    hi Mr wata,
    I discovered this cool blog when i was googling petronas walk in interview this weekend. can i ask you a question, please.

    Is the 8 years experience a mandatory requirement or they just don’t want any 3yrs old engineer wasting their time?

    I am a 6 yrs old engineer but planning to go for the position Executive in Project management, i have the skills but i need your opinion whether should i just give it a shot or just don’t bother wasting everyone’s time. Your kind advice is highly appreciated. Thanks.

    To Mr jabba, i love your sarcasm and sharp tongue! very entertaining 🙂

    P/s: will donate to this blog if i were applying to SOGE hehehe..

    • Wata says:

      dedalie: I think that PETRONAS has decided that even though it is a business entity, they need inhouse technical talent to make sure they are getting their money’s worth and have engineers who engineer not manage. I suppose this is their effort to bring themselves up to speed quickly. So yes, I believe the 8 year requirement is mandatory. But, if they serve refreshments in the waiting room, heck come and get a free lunch!

  3. JabbatheHutt says:

    anyone more than 5 yrs can be considered.

    but just a piece of advice, the people manning the roadshow are mostly idiots (yes, idiots) from HR.

    they will say ” tak boleh, tak boleh…. bos kata mesti lapan tahun, you belum lapan tahun, jadi saya tak boleh terima you….”

    i suggest you ask a friend to pass your cv to the lead inside. alternatively, donate and hope wata forwards your cv.

  4. dedalie says:

    Thanks again, really appreciate it. i’ll donate eventhough mr wata doesn’t forward my CV, we need to keep this blog alive! cheers to both of you 🙂

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