Saturday Star 2010-01-09 – Job Opportunities

I’ve been busy, how have you been?

  • First off, Synergy is looking for lead safety engineers, safety specialists, junior and lead process engineers and technical writers. We’re on an expansion drive, people! Visit the Synergy website for contact details. For leads, you need 5 years plus experience. Ah, heck. If you have more than 5 years experience in O&G, apply. If you have less than 5, send a donation to the offshore account, and still get abuse. For juniors, go pick up a copy of Cambridge’s ChemEng syallabus, and go study like the Tripods (all of them) are tomorrow.
  • Jobs available are avaiable in Qatar Petroleum for Snr Petroleum Engineer, Snr Completion Eng, Snr Inspection Eng, Snr Corrosion Eng. Apply here.
  • Subsea 7 has an office here now. They are looking for a snr proposals eng (Sing, KL), proposals eng (KL). Too bad they aren’t looking for engineering degree holders for these positions.

8 Responses to Saturday Star 2010-01-09 – Job Opportunities

  1. rieverlands69 says:

    where should i send my cv?
    can i send it to you?
    can u pliz give me your mail….

  2. farah says:

    heee…so funny..
    btw~these jr engineer post,do u consider female applicant…
    act,im a fresh grad in chem eng~seen ur ad in jobstreet

    • Wata says:

      farah: we’ll interview engineers which pique our interest. Go look at the photos of Synergy to see our current make up.

    • JabbatheHutt says:

      well, most of my engineers are female, and i am sure wata will be looking to increase the female to male ratio in synergy.

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