Saturday Star 2009-09-12 – Job Opportunities

  • First off, Synergy is looking for 5 lead safety engineers and 3 lead process engineers. Visit the Synergy website for contact details. And safety specialists. Ah, heck. If you have more than 5 years experience in O&G, apply. If you have less than 5, send a donation to the offshore account, and still get abuse.
  • I see AP Recruitment has a full page spread. Must be the start of booming times in Qatar. The are usually associated with Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Gas. Wonder why the don’t mention their client here? Anyhow, jobs are available for Maint Eng (Electrical), Planning Engineering Specialist (Shutdown). The rest are technician posts. Apply here.
  • Shapadu is recruiting for Mech & Piping, Elect & Instr, Planning, Structural & Construction, Comm Eng. Email here or here. I know these guys as an offshore construction group, though I tend to pay attention to who actually works for a company rather than the company name. That’s the nature of construction contracts, if the PSC likes you personally, then you swap coveralls and work for the PSC’s flavour of the month.
  • And Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company (KPOC to friends) has a two-page spread. I presume they are now moving into detailed design / fabrication? Anyhow, the posts that they hope to fill are: Offshore Installation Manager (OIM, PIC, Platform Supv), Snr Proj Eng, Snr Proj Eng (Mat & Eqpt), Electrical Reliability Eng (is TNB offshore?), C&I Reliability Eng, Snr Contract Specialist (this is where you make your money by, ahem, creative means), Metering System Reliability Eng (not many of them around), Piping Eng, Mech Reliability Eng, LQ project eng (please don’t make it dorm style), Proj Eng, Planning Eng, Cost Eng). Please apply here, or snail mail to: Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Comp Sdn Bhd, Level 52, Tower 2, PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC, 50088 KL, Malaysia.

No makan-makan recommendations this week. I did have an iftar at the Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam though.

54 Responses to Saturday Star 2009-09-12 – Job Opportunities

  1. shapirul says:

    I’m an engineer with Felda looking to jump into OnG. Currently I’m overseeing the operation of a palm oil mill in Jengka. My work is mostly managerial. Not sure if what I learn here can be carried over to the other side.

  2. MAB says:


    hi mr wata,been following ur blog since dec last year.but actually i still donno what process eng do.hahaha,silly me.can u explain a bit?

    do i hav to donate????haha

  3. Rosli says:

    Any O&G required QA personal, I am available. Experience in O&G industries 2 years. Manufacturing line 19 years.

  4. ANN says:

    Just want to share with you guys. GL is looking for a Structural Engineer as per the following requirements. Anyone interested can contact the said person:-
    Project : Carigali Hess

    Subject : Provision for Structural Engineer Offshore

    Duration : 2 – 3 weeks (estimate)

    Mob Date : Mid October 2009

    Location : (KL office, and then to Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) and offshore)

    Qualifications : Qualified Civil/Structural Engineer with minimum 5 years experience in offshore structure/pipeline design or

    geotechnical investigation.

    Has past experience on board soil boring vessel for offshore soil investigation and pipeline route survey.

    Familiar with tests, equipment and procedures for soil boring/sampling and water level measurement.

    Have knowledge of survey equipment calibration.

    Appreciate if you could distribute among others. Please send me your latest CV and Certificates (including Medical and BOSIET certificates) if you’re Interested.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rashidah Mazuki


    Level 39, Menara AmBank

    No.8 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

    50450 Kuala Lumpur



  5. Faizal says:

    Jika saya dari project management background dan site construction background, jawatan apa yang sesuai? saya juga ada exp. consultant & maintenance background…saya lebih kpd mechanical background

    • Wata says:

      Faizal: saya lebih bertumpu kepada bidang kejurteraan kimia/process.

    • midnightluv says:

      terlalu banyak orang yang ada skill kamu.

      pertama, kalau oil and gas harus bahasa inggeris, maka itu sudah kalah satu poin.

      kalau mau manage, siapa yang buat kerja? jadi jangan harap dapat management job. kalah satu poin lagi.

      kalau construction, banyak kickback. takde siapa siapa yang akan lepas tangan untuk jawatan yang penting ni….

  6. ANN says:

    Faizal: Kalau anda dari background project management and maintenance, you can actually join the client side; i.e. petronas, shell and exxon mobil. U can either attached with the project management team department to look into the project implementation and execution phase or maintenance & integrity department under the regional / country operational office. – amy

  7. shin_chan says:

    Faizal : Anda boleh menceburi bidang pembinaan atau penjagaan fasiliti bangunan di Qatar Petroleum atau di Kuwait Oil Company.Cuba lawati laman web mereka atau mengintai peluang temuduga terbuka di akhbar NST atau The Star.
    Shapirul : Your steam cert may have value in oleochemical plants and downstream OnG i.e petrochemical plants and oil refineries.not too long ago an assistant manager from felda joined an ethylene petrochemical plant in johor using his steam cert.

  8. tang says:

    i would like to apply six month internship in oil and gas comapany. but my cgpa is no first class. can i apply internship into your company? how i apply internship into your company?

    • Wata says:

      tang: looking at your writing skills, we do not need your services, thank you. It shows that you do not take enough care to form a presentable image of yourself. You can edit your comments before submission, y’know.

  9. Hamba Allah says:

    Salam Mr Director

    I dont know that Synergy is looking for 5 Lead Safety Engineer and Safety Specialist. For what? mmmmm curious…..

    • Wata says:

      Hamba A: Wa’alaikum salam. As part of our world domination plans, Synergy wants to be known as a trustworthy safety engineering consultancy, providing world class services using local, easily accessible talent with win-win commercial terms. We want to be at the point where, whenever someone in S.E.A mentions Synergy and safety in the same sentence, the internationals go .

  10. otokonoko says:

    Mr Wata;

    Any vacancies from your company?now i’m in the same stream with you in oil and gas,Dialog Group but in QC department.Now i want to shift to process engineer since i’m grad in chemical engineering.looking forward your response.


  11. Procurement says:

    It was stated on the advertisement by Kebabangan (KPOC) above the opening for the position of Snr Contract Specialist. Is it possible if I would like to apply for a junior position? Or maybe executive? Currently i’m working with one of PSC companies under Supply Chain Management Department for a year and this is my first position in oil and gas industry after i finished my BBA early this year. Therefore I’m looking for a better career enhancement in terms of long term opportunities and remuneration. Kindly please advise.

  12. El.Eldi Finance says:

    May I ask, i there any openings for the position for Finance/Account Department at KPOC?

  13. Nor Farizan says:

    Dear Moderator,

    Mai I ask, is there any available vacancy for Document Controller? or any clerical job in KPOC?
    Currently, I’m working as a Asst. Doc Controller in O n G Company.

  14. sash says:

    Mr Wata,

    I am from telecommunication/transmission network field and am still new with the telco industry (exp about 3yrs) . I have been eyeing and trying to pursue my career into O&G companies but no luck until now due to no experience/exposure.=)

    Anyway, I believe O&G does have their own telecommunication system in terms of how they communicate between platforms or etc. Maybe I could go into that direction instead- telecommunication in O&G companies.

    Any suggestion? (since u are well-experienced in O&G)


    • Wata says:

      sash: no idea. do some groundwork, and look at the big telco eqt companies, and apply to their offshore / marine / O&G arm.

    • cafienus says:

      Hi Sash,

      To become a telecom engineer in O&G industry, you can try the following:
      1. Work for owner i.e. petronas, shell, exxon, etc. All telecommunication works for petronas are handled by iPerintis.
      2. Work for design consultant i.e. ranhill worley, MMC O&G, Aker solution, etc. However, since the telecommunication portion for O&G is too small, you may need to expand your skills and do other things especially instrumentation.
      3. Work for telecom vendors i.e. sapura crest, transtel, etc.

    • Anonymouse says:


      I believe your best way to get into the industry is through the controls & instrumentation field.

      I’ve known guys who used to work for telco companies who moved on to the C&I field, mostly as service engineers. Your background should be relevant since controls in O&G involve mainly networking apart from the programming itself. Take a peek into a typical control system hardware cabinet and you’ll see some things that you see daily now.

      But bear in mind, you might need to start from scratch. It depends on whether you think it’s worth your gamble and how much time you have.


  15. amchels says:


    i am fresh graduate and have degree in mechanical. Now, i do cert at instep. i wonder is this correct path to join O&G or petronas? so..when i willl become an engnr..(but now i cant quit due to contract). so sir, i just want your opinion pls..tq

    • Wata says:

      amchels: decide what you want to do. As far as I know, INSTEP = technician/ operator post. If you want to be an engineer, get out now, and apply directly for a job. Donate, and I will keep an eye out for you.

  16. amchels says:

    Its hard to apply right now sir…for now..i think maybe i have to be technician for min 2 years then jump to engineer..

  17. Jabbathehutt says:

    If you have a degree, you are an engineer (after finishing university), unless you have a ciplak degree, then you need to work 2 yrs first.

  18. kaki pangkah.. says:

    boys and girls…

    salary wise if u jump to tobacco industries is much more better than O&G can offer…

    Local politic in Malaysia as well, young generation should take note that this is a very-very good prospect to made a career path. There a bounch of senior politician que up to be promoted as a Prime Minister..take a seat in this industry..good prospect.

    n…are we really talking with the beauty of the “engineering” or the salary wise…in this O&G.

    Seems like most of the jokers here are really concern on the “RM” issue rather than the technology…

    afraid that we are just the “operator” rather than engineer although come with degree..

    Parkson pays good s well…same to Isetan.

    • Fadzli says:

      I “pangkah” are far.

      • Fauzi says:

        Amat setujuh – dalam O&G ni mereka kononnya masuk iklan even 1 whole page. Requirement mintak ini dan itu and
        status : BumiPutra encourage to apply. Lepas apply – bunyi pun tiada. Semua ni “Showing Off” saja.

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        Fauzi, can I tell you that you are not the only bumiputera. All malays are bumiputra. Have you considered that maybe another bumiputera got the job?

        Maybe you can consider the following;

        1. There are smarter bumiputera around (some I know are excellent engineers, better than Mat Sallehs and other races too) and they get into place due to hard work and not because of connections.

        2. And if you think we are paid for being stupid/jokers, let them be.

        3. Tobacco industry? I won’t even shit on working as engineer in that place. A few dried up leaves rolled and smoked, and you talk about technology. We we are spending millions on research centers and being a specialist getting better doing our job. Maybe if we get rid of you, we can lower cancer risk.

        4. Yeah, I’m showing off, so what!

  19. Jabbathehutt says:

    Most people are into O&G to make money. You can’t blame them.

    But their attitude sucks! they talk like because they are graduate people want to hire them immediately.

  20. Mohd Yusof Bin Abdullah says:

    Mohd Yusof Bin Abdullah
    H/P: 012-2131243
    RS: 03-89433948
    Email: Date:01.05.2010
    Dear Sir;
    Subject: Application for vacancy.

    As per circulated online info, I have great pleasure in submitting my updated CV for your kind attention and perusal. I wish to apply for any available vacancy that suits my Technical qualifications.

    I have a total of 20 + years of job experience majoring in the Telecommunications Inspector,E&I Inspector,Welding Inspector sector. Working and servicing for several major Oil & Gas companies and also Commercial Telecommunications companies.

    Please refer to my detail curriculum vitae for more updated Info.

    I, thank you in advance for your kind attention and consideration regarding this subject. Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or e-mail should the need arise.


    Mohd Yusof Bin Abdullah

  21. khairul says:

    ,my name is ahmad khairul anwar,im 22 years old, i just finish my degree in (mechanical-industrial)engineering at utm,skudai, currently im taking instrumentation, measurement and calibration technology at puspatri pasir gudang johor under sime sirim technology and samson international(if im not mistaken)…i have another 4 month to complete this course, is there any chance i can get into oil n gas industries when i get this cert.. because im really2 into it since i was in 1st year in uni …..owh one more thing sir,my thesis is more to welding technology, which entitled “improvement in operation of welding deformation process”…in short,i used reference such as ASME V, AWS D.1.1 and IACS for each test,research(current practice&theoretical) and study i’ve conducted in term of acceptance criteria and procedure.. i was hoping that u can give me some advice or suggestion on which company or position should i apply based from my qualification as mention above or anything that can help me achieve my dream sir..

  22. johnkor says:

    Vessel fabricator could be the best place to learn more on welding technology or anything related to mechanical.

  23. Mohd Hedir Bin Bakhtiar says:

    Is there any available vacancy for Technician. Currently Im working as R&M tech- Electro Mech in Oil n Gas Company at Labuan. Im searching a new vacancy in west Malaysia.

    • Azhar Kamal says:

      Yes.. you can. You keep on knocking the door of O&G and i believed they will open that for you. I’m one of the good example. Almost all chances are open and waiting for Bumiputra to fill in. If you are Bumi then there’s.

      Thanks Allah

  24. Jabbathehutt says:

    nope, saturated market

  25. shah says:


    I only have 2 years experience in technical safety, doing consequence modeling for CIMAH reports. I know it is not as detail as QRA but that’s the only chance i have now. I also involved in couple of Hazid sessions as a scriber. Developed and reviewed 2 HEMP reports. Currently pursuing Master in Safety and Loss Prevention at UPM and on-line NEBOSH IGC course.

    I have basic knowledge on Aloha, Hysis 3.2 and a bit of Phast. Affiliate member of IChemE, but still a student member of IEM (just sent my upgrade form to Graduate member on last Chemical Division AGM).

    I am planning to switch company; perhaps to a multi-department company since i want to improve my process background. I want to start at entry/ graduate level due to my lack of experience.Couples of them in my minds (GL, Technip, Risktech,DNV, ERM, PNArisk).

    Can you suggest any company that might be suitable for me?

    • Wata says:

      shah: if you are looking for process work, the companies you mention may not be suitalbe, as they are mainly safety and risk consultants. Look at the design houses. Or send your CV my way,

      • shah says:

        wata: Tq very much for respond. Even though i want to switch job, i would prefer to stay in process safety field (if possible). The only problem right now is i realized that i am lacking the process-part of the process safety.

        Perhaps with inter-department environment, i can pick up some process-related knowledge with focus still in process safety. Safety and risk consultants are definitely my choice but i doubt they willing to hire anyone at entry level.

        Perhaps i should update my resume and try my luck.

  26. Mahesvaren says:

    Im holding 2nd officer class 3 FG..would like to know if any job vacancy in O n G..experience with palm oil product carried in vessels and offshore experience and currently Westport marine pilot.thanks a million

    • Jabbathehutt says:

      Mahesvaren, you’re a first class idiot.

      How do we contact you. Your link is //hiall and you don’t leave an email.

      Again, I repeat you are a 2nd officer class 3 FG (Fxckxng Goat)

  27. Jabbathehutt says:

    isn’t it late to ask on a job advertisement for year 2009.

    sheesh…. talk about back to the future……

  28. shahir30 says:

    Hi,Looking for any avialable job for source/material inspection coordinator?

  29. Azhar Kamal says:


    Hang boleh mintak kerja dengan O&G example company of Petronas, Shell, ExxonMobil and etc. Petronas is fully controlled all position in Malaysia O&G fields. All position should be filled by Bumiputra with way of Direct Hire or thru. sharing partners. That scheme is called “Cost Recovery”, means Bumiputra will be reimbursed with Petronas.

    Thanks Allah.. for giving us an opportunity as a Muslim Malaysia.


    • Wata says:

      Azhar Kamal: Not ‘all position should be filled by Bumiputra.’ And I think the Sabahians and Sarawakians and of Thai descent would be really upset as being lumped under ‘as Muslim Malaysia.’ BTW, come round to the IEM, and we’ll tell you what ‘cost recovery’ really means.

      Fair warning: if a flame war starts, I’m dousing the fire.

  30. Mahesvaren Vignesvaren says:

    Im holding 2nd officer class 3 FG..would like to know if any job vacancy in O n G..experience with palm oil product carried in vessels and offshore experience and currently Westport marine pilot.thanks a add (private, donate to publish)

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