Saturday Star 2009-09-05 – Job Opportunities

  • Petrofac is looking for a reservoir engineer. Send you application here.
  • Talisman is looking for a Team Lead – Exploration Dept. Apply here, and visit their site.

Latest food site? I had iftar at Selero Negori, Subang.

3 Responses to Saturday Star 2009-09-05 – Job Opportunities

  1. chot says:

    Good evening,..i wana know if there is any possibilities for a graduate like me to be an employee for Talisman. Im just graduated on last 3rd october and with a bachelor in chemical engineering i think i can applied as a process/field engineer at Talisman.And, by looking at Talisman website, there is no job opening at Malaysia, hence those company already build 3 platform around Kelantan sea they needs a lot of engineer. I need you to give a comment about my post. Sorry for the difficulties.

    • Wata says:

      chot: there are opportunities, though I believe TML just hired two fresh chem eng grads within the last 6 months. I suggest you try them again, ooo, say in 2 years.

  2. Jabbathehutt says:


    there are at least 5 – 10 universities in malaysia having chemical engineering courses, each with say.. 100 students.

    that gives me about 1000 graduates to pick from. Then again, you need to compete with people from UK, US, Australia, New Zealand….

    Very thin chances. Maybe 5000 chem eng graduates. That gives you a probability of 1 in 5000. Unless you’ve got one of the following, you’d have a slim chance of getting into one of the oil company.

    1. Very good results (i.e. GPA of 3.5 above or 1st class honours)
    2. Very good university (e.g. Cambridge, Oxford, UMIST … not University Beruk Malaysia or similar)
    3. Very short skirt (and guys, don’t even try wearing short skirt to my interview)

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