Saturday Star 2009-05-23 – Job Opportunities

Another week, another scan of the Saturday Star newspaper. Here’s a list of job ads in the paper:

  • First off, Synergy is looking for 5 lead safety engineers and 3 lead process engineers. Visit the Synergy website for contact details.
  • PETRONAS asks ‘Are you up for the Challenge?’ If you aren and aspire to be a Researcher/Scientist/Resource Persons (min PhD) or Engineer/Manager/Tech Coach/Tech Prof (min 8 year related experience) apply at, or send inquiries to I think you can infer all sorts of things from the email address alone.
  • Dialog Group is looking for project/turnaround quality control managers. Send an email here or snail mail to Human Resources Department, Dialog Group of Companies, 109, Block G, Phileo Damansara 1, No. 9, Jalan 16/11, 46350.
  • RasGas is looking for field operators. CVs to be submitted here. You can phone the local recruiters at +603 2078 1918. I believe RasGas is a JV, one of the partners being ExxonMobil.
  • Ah, Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company (affectionately know as KPOC) are looking for Snr. Project Eng,  Snr. Elec. Eng, I&C Eng, Snr Pipeline Eng, Snr Piping Eng, Snr Planning Eng, Planning Eng, Snr Cost Eng, Cost Eng. Wonder why they go for Spanish Senõr titles? Anyhow, Send an email here or snail mail to Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company Sdn Bhd, Level 52, Tower 2, PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC 50088 KL.
  • IEV is looking for a project engineer, snr sales engineer. Send an email here or snail mail to The Human Resource Manager, IEV Group Sdn Bhd, Dataran Hamodal Block B, 2nd Floor, Jalan Bersatu 13/4 46200 PJ.
  • Here’s one I would take with a pinch of salt, with some rassam as well. There’s an advert for maintenance engineers being run by Marsya. They ask that you send them your CV to I attempted to go to, but I got a holding page. Caveat emptor.
  • Ah, here’s one for all those graduates out there. Ensco Gerudi is looking for a trainee. Send an email here or snail mail to Ensco Gerudi (M) Snd Bhd, 5th Floor, Bangunan Angkasa Raya, Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL (attn: Ravi Amsadi, Administration Manager).
  • ConocoPhillips is looking for a Project Engineer. Interested Applicants, supply your details here.
  • Talisman in looking for a Piping / Mech Engineer. Apply here, and visit their site.

Wow, looks like the O&G industry is picking up, though most of these job are for the senior engineer.

Sigh, since I have moved with Synergy out of KL, will you patronise Chee Meng in my memory? Or invite me to meetings around Bukit Bintang at lunchtime? Is he doing packet specials?

26 Responses to Saturday Star 2009-05-23 – Job Opportunities

  1. […] Saturday Star 2009-05-23 – Job Opportunities […]

  2. heikal says:


    how do i get the telephone number of ensco gerudi?I am so interested to join

  3. philip says:

    firstly i want to ask about the maintainance tech.i interested with that and how can send my resume to any web site and what the real qualification is really needed.Second i want to ask about the Ensco Gerudi trainee looking for what trainee?hope can exlain it to me.

    • Wata says:

      Philip: find the Saturday paper, and talk directly to Ensco Gerudi. If you want me to find you a copy and explain things to you, donate to my blog first.

  4. zzeed says:

    wata. Is 5-year experience considered senior?

  5. Jabbathehutt says:

    search ensco gerudi on the website….. what a loser.

  6. shin_chan says:

    you need a degree to work with’s learning on the job start from machai maa.colorful job scope one..expect to clean toilet,fixing toilet pipe- the one which is bocor with shit and technical exposure on drilling ~ 5K.i think it’s two wk offshore and 1 wk office work..leh.solid grounding to become drilling eng and companyman.

  7. Jabbathehutt says:

    no degree = fix toilet
    get paid no more than RM2.5k

    • heikal says:

      I have googled for the web n i just found is no direct link to ensco malaysia…i called the number found from the internet but it is idle…how do i make it certain?

      • Wata says:

        heikal: enjoy KLCC, and take a walk to Angkasa Raya building before it gets demolished.

  8. salleh says:

    Heikal: be more creative, there is lots of ways to get their number. The younger generation seems need to be spoon fed.

  9. Randhir says:

    Would you know how many vacancies talisman is offering for piping.mech engineer?

  10. Ranger says:

    Hi…anyone here went to ensco interview? I’m the one who went there but do anyone know how many people they want? Thxs..

  11. Atay says:

    To Mr.Wata
    My name is Atay and I`m international MBA student. But my first diploma engineer of geophysics in o&g. Have I any chance work in Malaysia while I study here? I need to experience and my study will finish only in the next year. Could you give me advice?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Wata says:

      Atay: I have no idea what your first degree is. If it really is an ‘engineer of geophysics in o&g’, which university was it? I’m interested in compiling a list of dodgy sounding places not to send my children to.
      As for working in Malaysia: ask your thesis advisor, or refer to visa / immigration. My company is not taking international students as interns, we have enough requests from the local kiddies, thank you.

      • Jabbathehutt says:

        Does that include

        and anything that start with a U and ends with an M?

  12. Ranger says:

    Thanks..just called ensco this morning..they just take 2 candidate as they only have 2 rigs in malaysian water..

  13. Ranger says:

    and the starting pay for the trainee ~ RM10.5k…

  14. Jabbathehutt says:

    per year….

  15. Ranger says:

    huhuhu…no la boss…per month…cheerss..

  16. Jabbathehutt says:

    That’s a lot of money. i think that includes other benefits, allowance etc.

    Jabba pays graduate a lump of salt and some sunshine

  17. Ranger says:

    yes..that gross pay per month..but dont hv offshore allowance…also plus ‘a lump of salt and some sunshine’..

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